Another day of desk riding…

Here to another day in the life of a small business owner, specializing in photography. Sitting in my office riding my desk for the majority of the day, taking a short break for lunch, and to unplug when a rather loud thunderstorm rolled through. I have been working on images from the past week, the portrait workshop, some candid snapshots from a friends’ wedding, as well as whatever else I could find to shoot. But anyways, here is today’s image of the day. This is Jessica, one of the models / students from the workshop in Glen Arbor I attended last Thursday. I am coming to a conclusion on wrapping up those images today.

Peoskey area portrait photography Joe Clark

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A busy day at the feeder…

Yesterday was a fairly busy day at the bird feeder. I was able to stick both cameras out to door to capture this small flock of finches before the flew the coup.

finches northern michigan photographer Joe Clark

The above image was shot with the backup camera a Nikon D7100, and it’s DX format 70-300 lens at 300mm. The following was shot with the primary camera, a Nikon D800 with a Nikor 80-400 at 400mm.

Finches2 northern michigan photographer Joe Clark

Both are fine cameras, but I am amused to see the subtle differences in quality and the camera’s interpretation of the scene. This reaffirms the reasoning behind my purchase of the D800 as a primary camera system, as I am after the best quality I can offer to my clients.

Evening of fireworks.

During a astro-photography shoot, someone down the beach had set off some fireworks. The light from the display illuminated the smoke cloud from the previous round. Even shooting with a 12mm lens the display was too high to be fully captured.

fireworks set off on beach northern michigan.

Nikon D800, Sigma 12-24mm, 5 seconds f/4.5 at 800 ISO.

Summertime seems to have arrived in Petoskey.

The amount of foot traffic has dramatically increased over the past two weeks, parking is becoming the story of the early bird. People and their pets have taken over the streets of Petoskey, walking the faithful Bear has become a project with so many other puppies roaming the sidewalks. Life is getting interesting as the pace is picking up from the doldrums of winter. So, here are some shots from yesterday’s dog walk and the Petoskey area.


Bayfront Park downtown Petoskey northern michigan photographer Joe Clark

A quick walk down to Bayfront park was something t see as the still cold water has been producing a large amount of fog over the past month. The fog seems to linger around the northern end of the bay.


Bayfront Park petoskey marina northern michigan photographer Joe Clark

Defiantly a wonderful day to get out and about, here is one of those roaming pups.


Petoskey marina harbor springs northern michigan photographer Joe Clark

Looking northerly out across Little Traverse Bay. The clouds were fairly impressive the entirety of the day.

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Times to look back.

There are always times to take a backwards look at a body of work, for further evaluation. There are always images which should be brought into a portfolio, or a gallery; and some which must be removed to better the body as a whole.  After we shoot we take a hurried look through our results, rank them accordingly, and work on what our subjective view says at that exact moment. Later in life, our thoughts change, our perspective changes, things are now different. We learn, always learn, so it is a benefit to take a look back. Today I went through a Lightroom smart collection, which pools all images with a “scenery” keyword in their metadata. There are shots which I have not previously published, which may warrant further review. Here is one which is up for consideration of gallery publication. What are your thoughts?

Camden Maine looking south east

This image was shot from a preserve in Camden, Maine. There were some very interesting clouds present that day, as you can tell.

History; the Joseph H. Thomson

I may have posted this before, however it just got more interesting. You may find it hard to believe the history still cruising the Great Lakes. Pictured below is the barge, Joseph H Thompson. I captured this image a couple of weeks ago when I was exploring Mackinaw City. Now as I am looking into the ship’s history I am fairly amazed. This barge was originally constructed in 1944 as a freighter, then immediately pressed into wartime service. It was present during the invasion of Normandy on D-day. After the war the ship was used on the east coast, and then eventually became the largest ship in the world; when it was put into service on the Great Lakes to haul iron in the 1950’s. To read more on this ship, visit its page on Boat Nerd at this link.


McGulpin Stairs

The stairs winding up to the lamp room at McGulpin Lighthouse are those traditional heavy metal spiral variety. An architectural appreciation indeed. This view is looking up from the main floor all the way to the deck of the lamp room. To enter there, you have to duck through a small hole. The view from the top is fairly amazing, and currently you’re permitted to walk outside of the lamp room to the surrounding decking.

McGulpin Lighthouse stairs northern michigan photographer Joe Clark Mackinaw City

Here is the view from the lamp room, a re-post from earlier.

McGulpin Lighthouse HDR photogrpaher Joe Clark petoskey northern Michigan

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