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Roadside Wildlife (Sandhill Cranes)

Sleeping Bear Dunes Sand Hill Crane Photography Joe Clark Glass Lakes Photography

Prologue I have taken flight from the Gallery to spend some time in my old photographic stomping grounds within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Taking time like this to immerse myself into the environment which has provided me with so much inspiration is an essential part of producing my work, and is essential since […]

Who says that work cannot be fun?

Tahquamanon Falls River photogrpahy Joe Clark

We, the entire staff of Glass Lakes Photography recently returned from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We took three days off, closed the store, and left. Now aside from the general escape of the day to day routine we wanted to go capture some of the grand colors of Autumn. Our destination was the Tahquamenon Falls State […]

The Senior Portrait

Photography is more than just pulling out your camera and shooting; it is engaging with your subject and learning their personality, their flare if you will, in a short matter of time. Each photograph you make should portray the subject’s unique personality. This is through facial expressions, clothing styles, locations, and any accessories that may be important […]

Sunset behind Fisherman’s Island

Fisherman Island State Park charlevoix michigan photographer Joe Clark

I was visiting a friend who is camping down at Fisherman’s Island State Park in Charlevoix. We arrived a little later than anticipated, so we got down to the beach just as the sun was touching the horizon. I captured this image during the amazing afterglow. It was one of those nights when the sunset […]

Northern Lights and a long drive home…

Northern Lights gaylord photographer Joe Clark

Yesterday I posted one of my shots from early Sunday morning, today in this post I will be sharing the other two. As I mentioned I was driving home from a wedding reception in Alpena, on M-32 almost to 131. I looked to the north, where as luck would have it there was a vacant […]

A new Glen Arbor

Glen Arbor scenery photography by Joe Clark

A lot changed in a very shot time in Glen Arbor, as the locals are still trying to clean up the mess from last Sunday’s storm can attest to. Having spent a lot of time in the area I am worried about what I will find when I am able to return. Here is one […]

Monarch Caterpillar at Sunset.

Joe Clark Petoskey photographer charlevoix north point conservency project

While waiting for the sun to set at the North Point Nature Preserve I noticed the quantity of milkweed growing in the area. Knowing that milkweed is the sole source of food for a growing Monarch caterpillar I then started searching for them. I noticed this one on the second plant I inspected, it was […]

A busy day at the feeder…

finches northern michigan photographer Joe Clark

Yesterday was a fairly busy day at the bird feeder. I was able to stick both cameras out to door to capture this small flock of finches before the flew the coup. The above image was shot with the backup camera a Nikon D7100, and it’s DX format 70-300 lens at 300mm. The following was […]

Summertime seems to have arrived in Petoskey.

Bayfront Park petoskey marina northern michigan photographer Joe Clark

The amount of foot traffic has dramatically increased over the past two weeks, parking is becoming the story of the early bird. People and their pets have taken over the streets of Petoskey, walking the faithful Bear has become a project with so many other puppies roaming the sidewalks. Life is getting interesting as the […]

Times to look back.

Camden Maine looking south east

There are always times to take a backwards look at a body of work, for further evaluation. There are always images which should be brought into a portfolio, or a gallery; and some which must be removed to better the body as a whole.  After we shoot we take a hurried look through our results, […]

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