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Who says that work cannot be fun?

We, the entire staff of Glass Lakes Photography recently returned from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We took three days off, closed the store, and left. Now aside from the general escape of the day to day routine we wanted to go capture some of the grand colors of Autumn. Our destination was the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Sound familiar?, it should as I was visiting the area a few weeks ago for some shooting and scouting.  We do not partake in these ventures for commercial gain, but as a continuing investment into ourselves and our employees, not all of whom are photographers. This allows some experience into the inner workings of the creation of the art, as well as the time invested. Curating a culture of enthusiasm which can be translated into The Gallery for the benefits of our clients. This is part of what I call my duty to responsible business operation.

Over the next week, we will share stories from this trip, photos as well. Some photos you will see hanging up in the gallery, others will be online. When we arrived in the north we meet up at the Whitefish Point Lighthouse, Shipwreck museum, and Migratory Bird Observatory. There is a lot to do in that little point.

Whitefish Point Lighthouse photography scenery Joe Clark

We spent the afternoon wandering around the point area, eating lunch, and then migrating to the campground and setting up for the night. It was an early morning the next day, one must be beat the sunlight if they wish to capture water in motion without the assistance of lens filters. It was a cold night, and the water was significantly warmer, so there was a lot of fog forming in the river basin. The haze made for some interesting shots of the lower falls. Tahquamanon Falls River photogrpahy Joe ClarkBoth Alyson and Dale were working their cameras on the southern portion of the lower falls. They spent their time working away with the haze, water motion, and contrast that morning had to offer. I shot the two of them working side by side on the observation platform over the falls.

Dale and Alyson at Tahquamanon fallsWe spent our remaining time in the area exploring the wooded areas for fungi, colors, and other subjects of interest. even squeezed in some time for exploring the informative placards through out the park. These various signs tell of information about the water flow per second, why it is rust colored, and the history of the river and past proposed developments. glp_20161010-09114-by-joe-clark-glasslakesphotography-com

The second day we went to the upper falls for some shots, there was a wonderful morning red sky, of which we caught the latter portions of lingering over the falls. The light was quicker then we were that morning, by the time I was in position for the shot I wanted the color has subsided. Next year we will just have to be quicker. Morning light upper tehquamanon falls We squeezed this trip in right on time with the peak coloration of the area, and the best weather as well. After Dale and Alyson returned to Petoskey, Kayla and I were welcomed to a day of freezing temperatures and rain. Bear was starting to get a case of cabin fever the day we left the area, here he is taking a break outside before the rain moved in for the day. Bear enjoying a break in the rain. Now that we all have returned from the north, it is time to start exploring our area as the fall colors start to fill in. Are you out there exploring with your camera? Keep in mind that we offer the region’s best printing facility right in the heart of downtown Petoskey. Stop on in to see how we can help take your vision to hard copy. Soon we will have our new season of photographs in, from the summer and fall, you are welcome to peruse the new works.

Lower Tahquamanon Falls Joe Clark

Our Gallery will be closed, for a learning opportunity…

We will be closing up shop for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (October 9th – 11th). As our employees will be participating in our first annual Upper Peninsula Fall Colors Photography Workshop. This is a program we will be offering to the public as a means to enhance their understanding and capabilities with photography, which translates into better service for our customers. We will be open on Wednesday October 12th for normal business hours of 10am to 6pm.

Learning oppertunites.

All services are effected, Gallery, Printing Studio, Image Services, etc.

Petoskey Sidewalk Sale!

Stop on by during the Sidewalk Sale this Friday and Saturday for discounts on our Northern Michigan local scenery photography prints, portrait packages, and printing studio.

Looking to book fall senior portraits, Check out Alyson’s portrait portfolio and if you book today you will receive 15% off your session.

Also don’t forget to check out our shot for last week, the stunning panorama from the Petoskey Waterfront. We have 6″x24″ framed and ready to go for $64.60 (regularly $76).

Petoskey Bay Harbor Marina Little Traverse Bay Summer boating sailing photography Joe Clark Glass Lakes Photography

Our Bay Harbor Series 2016 will be on display, these prints are still available in their signed and numbered series. While we cannot discount them for the sale, they are available for your inspection today in The Gallery.

Bay Harbor Series 2016, image 1
Image 1, the finally. 14×21 Giclée. 3 Prints + 1 Retained Gallery copy.

We are open Friday from 9am to 9pm, and Saturday 9am to 6pm for the sidewalk sales. Discounts apply to our prints, portraits, and Printing Studio services. Sorry, we cannot discount Printing Services (your image printed on metal prints, standout prints, etc.), shipping, or product upgrades. For more details ask Joe in the Gallery.

Bay Harbor Foundation Series 2016

Maintaining our tradition of charitable giving, we proudly introduce the Bay Harbor Foundation Series 2016. We are selling limited, signed and numbered, original photographs from the 2016 Bay Harbor fireworks. $200 from each sale will be donated to the Bay Harbor Foundation, a regional outreach program. For more information on this organization click here.

Bay Harbor Series 2016, image 1
Image 1, the finally. 14×21 Giclée. 3 Prints + 1 Retained Gallery copy. $650
Image 2 Bay Harbor Foundation Series 2016
Image 2 14×21 Giclée. 3 Prints + 1 Retained Gallery copy. $500


Image 3 Bay Harbor Foundation Series 2016
Image 3. 14×21 Giclée. 3 Prints + 1 Retained Gallery copy. $500


Prints are labeled as a quantity of three. Print zero of three is retained at the gallery as a matter of record. Glass Lakes Photography LLC is not affiliated with The Bay Harbor Foundation, nor is this approved by the organization. At the conclusion of the quarter a donation totaling $200 from each sale of these signed and numbered prints will be provided to The Bay Harbor Foundation.



May 2016 Classes Newsletter

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310 Howard St. Petoskey, Mi 49770

Classes Newsletter

Spring Hours:

Monday & Friday, 10 – 5,
Saturday 10:30 – 5, Sunday 11 – 4.
We are always just a call away!

Upcoming Classes:

June 5th: Critique Session.
June 11th: Camera Basics.
June 18th: Printing Preparations.
June 24th: Shooting Stars.
July 9th: Camera Basics.
July 10th: Critique Session.
July 15th: Shooting Stars (Backup Date) or second class if enough interest.
July 23ed: Introduction to Lightroom.

Printing Preparations:

We have fielded a lot of questions since the opening of our printing studio. In this short class, you will learn how to appropriately prepare your images for our printing studio. We will cover topics ranging from Color Spaces, file types, and resolution. This must-have course is free and open to the public.

Intro To Lightroom:

Adobe Lightroom has become the most popular software for cataloging and editing photos. While relatively intuitive, it is still fairly complex. This introduction course will guide you through the basic principals and operations of the program. We will cover the range of topics from import to export.
The cost of this class is $80 per participant

Other Classes:

We are responding to your requests for classes. This month we are proud to announce the above additions. If there is a topic of particular which interests you, let us know!

Educational courses:

As of current we have been receiving a fair amount of publicity and inquiries in to our photography education classes and services. If you are interested in taking a class, or have a group of friends or an office looking for a creative bonding experience call the gallery to register.

To learn more visit our class page.

Shooting For the Stars:

Join us for an afternoon of lessons followed by a night time workshop as we shoot for the stars in the Headlands Dark Sky Park. Minimum participation of 9 students required.
The cost of this class is $275 per participant.

Camera Basics:

Camera basics is designed to be an introduction to the mechanical operation of a camera. This class is geared for those whom own digital SLR cameras.
The cost of this class is $80 per participant.


Click to watch a promo video for the Camera Basics class.

Critique Session:

Please join us on the 1st Sunday of the month for a community photography critique. We are looking to develop a group of photographers to meet monthly to discus the technical and artistic qualities of images. Please bring a select number of images (5 max) on a flash drive. The session is from 2-4pm, and is open to the public.

Private Party Classes

Have a group of friends who are looking for an entertaining and educational weekend? Private groups are welcome to make use of our classes. Minimum participation is required, and they are booked on a first come, first served basis.

Class Registration

To register for classes, please call or visit the Gallery.

Payment is due at the time of registration. In the event of a class failing to obtain the minimum number of participants, you will be automatically registered for the next class date. You may also request a refund for the cancelled course.


Gallery Assistant Needed

Now Hiring at Petoskeys only fine art photography gallery


We are seeking a qualified individual to assist in our Downtown Petoskey gallery. Qualified candidates will be over the age of 18, with experience in the arts, experience with photography a plus. Experience with Adobe products is requested, but not required. Job duties are primarily retail oriented, with opportunities for on site photography assistance and on location shooting. This is a job where you will have to learn and adapt in a rapid manner. Pay starts at 9.50 /hr for a minimum of 12 hours. Starting in mid-May there will be opportunities for up to 30 hours. Come, help build a fine art community where we all work together for success. This is a team environment, and you will become an integral part of building our photographic community.

hiring poster

Email: info@glasslakesphotography.com

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