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A new Glen Arbor

Glen Arbor scenery photography by Joe Clark

A lot changed in a very shot time in Glen Arbor, as the locals are still trying to clean up the mess from last Sunday’s storm can attest to. Having spent a lot of time in the area I am worried about what I will find when I am able to return. Here is one […]

Night-shift in Downtown Petoskey

Mitchell Street downtown Petoskey photographer Joe Clark

Some days you just have to stay home, while some Saturday nights you just have to wonder outside for a while. We were out this past weekend to capture some of the night scenes, we stayed out for a few hours checking up on the various sights.   The moon shines through the trees above […]

Superior Stars

Stars over Lake Superior from the Michigan State Park Porcupine Mountains.

I have been fairly absent from the internet for the past couple days. Mostly because I was way out in the very western end of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula since Sunday. I spent some time scouting the Porcupine Mountain area, as well as the waterfalls. I got a couple of shots in my time up there, […]