night sky

A new Glen Arbor

A lot changed in a very shot time in Glen Arbor, as the locals are still trying to clean up the mess from last Sunday’s storm can attest to. Having spent a lot of time in the area I am worried about what I will find when I am able to return. Here is one of my astrophotography shots from near the Dune Climb on Glen lake. Sadly, I fear this tree is no longer standing.

Glen Arbor scenery photography by Joe Clark

Night-shift in Downtown Petoskey

Some days you just have to stay home, while some Saturday nights you just have to wonder outside for a while. We were out this past weekend to capture some of the night scenes, we stayed out for a few hours checking up on the various sights.


Downtown Petoskey park night scenery photographer Joe Clark moon

The moon shines through the trees above Pennsylvania Park.

Downtown Petoskey park scenery railroad tracks photogrpher Joe Clark

The rarely used rail lines run through Pennsylvania Park in downtown Petoskey. Mitchel street is well illuminated in the background.

Mitchell Street downtown Petoskey photographer Joe Clark

A place to sit and watch the traffic right in the middle of Mitchell Street. These benches populate a couple of locations throughout the downtown area.

US-31 at night petoskey photographer Joe Clark

The US-31 / Mitchell Street intersection.

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Superior Stars

I have been fairly absent from the internet for the past couple days. Mostly because I was way out in the very western end of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula since Sunday. I spent some time scouting the Porcupine Mountain area, as well as the waterfalls. I got a couple of shots in my time up there, but the half melted snow is not all that ascetic; as well as half the roadways in the parks are still closed for the season. However I identified some locations to return to before the tourists overpopulate and after the snow goes and the green returns.

I was shooting a sunset near the state campground in the west of the Porcupine Mountains when I noticed how clear the air was that night, so I decided to wait up for some of the stars to come out. You can see Venus to the right of the moon, and reflections of the planet as well as some of the starts on the water. The ghostly images in the water are the slowly moving ice chunks.

Stars over Lake Superior from the Michigan State Park Porcupine Mountains.