Desperation #3


Limited Edition Photograph

Desperation is a limited edition series. The photographs highlight the desperate measures and ingenuity that undocumented migrants exhibit as demonstrated by the vessels of which they construct and travel the open ocean with to reach the United States. The goal of the series is to demonstrate the construction of a now derelict vessel from seemingly scrap materials and to highlight the conditions which the people who traveled upon it faced. The exposed prop shaft and other spinning components appear to have been inches from the occupants of the small craft which was constructed from barrels, rebar, and metal sheeting.

This is a limited edition print. The total prints available:

40″ long side canvas: 20 total.

27″ Fine Art paper prints mounted and matted: 20 total

21″ Fine Art paper prints mounted and matted: 50 total

Limited edition prints are perfect for both hanging on the wall and for investments.

Canvas prints are printed upon a premium fine art archival certified canvas material and is certified to not change in tone or color for over 100 years. Fine Art prints are printed on an archival OBA-free photographic paper and matted in the Artist’s choice mat color and dry mounted to an acid free archival board. Sizes listed are for the long dimension of the photograph and typically the mat will be 3 inches on all sides. These items will require professional framing. Please contact us with any questions.

Additional information

Limited Edition Print Type

Loose Canvas, Matted Fine Art Print

Limited Edition Print Size

21" Matted Fine Art Print, 27" Matted Fine Art Print, 40" Loose Canvas