About photographic print editions.

We have three types of editions for our prints.

Open Edition:

An open edition is a set of prints which are not numbered and may be signed by the artist or signed electronically. These prints have comprised the majority of our sales from The Gallery over the years.

Limited Edition:

In a limited edition the prints are all signed and numbered. A pre-determined number of prints will be produced per edition, however there may be multiple editions of the photograph released. For example, there may be an edition of canvas at a certain size and style, and multiple editions of matted prints based upon size. Limited editions are a great investment opportunity. All limited edition photography is printed to archival standards to ensure that you are purchasing an heirloom piece which will last the generations.

Single Edition:

A single edition is similar to a limited edition except in a single edition there will only ever be one edition produced. These prints are higher in value than limited or open editions and represent the highest level of investment in our artwork. Single editions may also be single print runs which are numbered 1 of 1. These are truly unique photographic prints and will never be produced again.

Other reproductions may exist outside of the above editions. These reproductions include publications such as books of the artist’s work, artist’s proofs which are a reference for the printed editions, and gallery proofs / hors d’commerce which would be used as display items for the editions.