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Joe Clark is an American landscape photographer from Michigan. Born on the west side of the state and growing up on the shore of Lake Michigan Joe developed a love for the natural beauty of the water and the coastal landscape. In 2020 he became afflicted by a strange auto-immune disorder which is inflamed by allergens in the Michigan region. The resulting symptoms of this issue are various, but the most prominent is sever arthritis to the point of complete debilitation. The only treatment currently available is to avoid the environments which contain the allergens. So far the only environment that keeps the arthritis at bay is one near the ocean with a constant sea breeze. Joe is now traveling aboard Sailing Vessel Animaashi along the coastal regions of the United States and photographing a wide variety of subjects. There are many nooks and crannies where Animaashi can tuck in between Maine and the Bahamas which you will surely see posted here in the coming years. While Joe desires to return to Michigan some day, this will have to be a day after such autoimmune disorders are better understood.

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