Current Projects

Current projects being undertaken by Joe Clark, American landscape photographer.

Joe is currently traveling aboard Sailing Vessel Animaashi in the Southeastern and Gulf Coastal regions of the United States. This has been an unplanned departure from the Midwest due to medical reasons caused by an auto-immune disorder which has no current treatment or cure. This condition has caused debilitating arthritis to form when Joe is exposed to air which contains allergens such as pollen, grass, or mold. Currently the only treatment available is to avoid allergens which cause the condition to flare, which currently seems to be provided by the clean air that only a near constant sea breeze can provide. When in the proper environment near the sea there is a near complete remission of the condition. Joe is currently working with specialists at Spectrum Health, and the University Of Michigan to find some means of treatment for this issue. Until then work will commence on more coastal projects.

Hazey Night

Lost Lands

“Lost Lands” photographic series is a study in the lands, places, and cultures threatened by the forecasted rise in sea levels over the next 100 years. This project’s goal is to raise awareness of climate related sea level rise and associated flooding and storm surge. Many millions of people will be displaced and islands will be lost to the sea according to the reports generated by the climate office of NOAA.

"Fishing in Marathon" fishermen enjoy the cooler air and sunset in Marathon Flordia.

Cruisers’ Books

“Cruisers’ Books” is a working title. This project will be accomplished over the years of sailing the coastal regions of the South Eastern United States, Bahamas, and Caribbean. The goal of this project is to generate multiple coffee table style books specific to geographical regions familiar to both residents and yacht cruisers. Regions would be such as the Bahamas, Chesapeake Bay, Florida Keys, etc. These books would be created and matched to generate a set which could over thee years be republished with new additions containing new photographs and content. This project is open to support from patrons who would wish to pre-order the publications and prints from our travels aboard SV Animaashi.

The Lineup by Joe Clark American landscape Photographer

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