We have seen a lot of small stories over the past few days from the Halloween storm that rolled through Michigan. Many images were so focused upon the smaller stories of the day, I myself even posted a fairly intense shot of the Ludington lighthouse getting washed over (click). However, as photographers we sometimes get lost in the events of the day and focus too heavily on the small things. This is easy to do especially when carrying a long telephoto zoom lens which makes isolating out a fraction of the scene seem necessary. For those of you out there who are looking to expand your photographic talents; try hooking on a prime lens, a 50mm if you have one. Work with this lens for a week straight, using position and angle to adjust your composition. This will produce sharper images and hone your skills, read up a little on prime lenses here in the educational series. Pictured below is another shot of the Ludington lighthouse, shot at a 100mm instead of 400mm there is much more of a story and drama to this image than the previous. What are your thoughts?

Waves strike and clouds loom over the Ludington Lighthouse by Joe Clark www.glasslakesphotography.com