So I went out last night to try to capture some of the northern lights. I drove from Petoskey through Harbor Springs and started heading north to Cross Village. As soon as I got north of Harbor Springs I started seeing them. They were exceptionally bright and I was getting rather excited. There was  one patch which I thought one could almost read a book by its glow. Sadly by the time I got to Cross Village they had mostly faded. It was hard to even find a dark corner to see them. Most of the near water areas are private property, and since it was one of my first times in the area I did not want to venture alone into one of the nature preserves. I then headed east on 66 until I came to an access point for the North Country trail. It was situated near a field of some sort. I waited a while and attempted to get a forecast pulled up on the phone. The lights seemed to brighten temporarily and that is when I shot the following image. I waited around a bit longer and they seemed to fade even further, so I headed home.

The northern lights east of Cross Villiage.

Northern Lights over North Country Trail.