Our Mission.

To inspire the community by providing a source for quality Fine Photographic Art through offering Scenery, Portrait Services, and Event Coverage. To provide resources to the community that will enhance their experience of photography.

Our Values.


We look back to concepts developed by the greatest photographers of our time to learn from their distinctive styles and to build upon their knowledge base as we refine our own skills. As you walk into our gallery you will see works on our walls which nod to and offer homage to those great artists.

True to Life.

Everything we do is true to life –  from the images we craft to the products we produce, from the images on our walls to the portrait hanging in your living room.  Our work represents the world from which it was forged. It is carefully crafted in the field and then skillfully adjusted in our studio to reflect the image that originally inspired the photograph. We do not use the tools of manipulation to forge a false reality, nor do we support the destruction of self-image which too often is fostered by a contemporary “Photoshop” culture.


Knowledge is the basis for our value system. From knowledge comes the ability to produce the high quality work we offer. Photography as an art form is based upon science and technology as well as creativity. To understand the art form, one must understand the science behind it. We apply that knowledge base from creative conception to production.


We are dedicated to quality. We have invested our resources, talents, and passion for the art form to ensure the best images possible are offered to our clients as finished products. We process our work in a color calibrated environment using the finest lenses, cameras, papers and printing systems available. The results are true to life images in line with reality. We are dedicated to the production of the finest images possible because that is what our clients deserve.


Our Story.

Glass Lakes Photography was conceived by Joe Clark, professional photographer, in the spring of 2013, drawing on 10 years of experience as an enthusiastic hobbiest.  Two years later, in 2015, Joe opened a brick and mortar storefront in the Historic Gaslight District of downtown Petoskey.  Now Joe is concentrating on building a community of photographers and photography enthusiasts oriented toward instilling a culture of excellence and refinement in photography as a viable art form. He is sharing his skills set and knowledge base through classes and workshops held at the gallery and other appropriate facilities in the area.