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Glass Lakes Photography Classes

Glass Lakes Photography offers a broad selection of classes in photography throughout the year, from basic camera operation instruction to more creative multiple-day workshops.  Glass Lakes Photography probably offers a class you will find to be a good fit for you.

Instructor Joe Clark is a practicing, professional photographer with over 15 years experience in digital, film, large format, and point-and-shoot camera systems. Use the form below or call the gallery to sign up for a class or to learn more about these unique courses. Please note that because there is a minimum class size requirement for each class, it is possible that not all classes will be offered every month.

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Current Class offerings:

Monthly Critiques:

We are hosting members of the Crooked Tree Photographic Society and other guests on the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm to discuss photography. This is a free and open forum to share your photography with other photographers for critique and to exchange information. This event is regularly attended by photographers of all skill levels from amateur to working professionals.

Camera Basics:

Currently paused. In the camera basics course students will learn the basic operating principles common to all cameras. The course is geared toward digital SLR cameras, but the principles apply to film, mirror-less, and point-and-shoot cameras as well. This class is open to all students ages 15+, from novice to intermediate users. The class is held on the second Saturday of the month as demand permits. Registration is required.

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Shooting For the Stars

Currently Paused. Join us for an afternoon of lessons followed by a night time workshop as we “shoot for the stars” in the Headlands Dark Sky Park. Minimum participation of 9 students required. The cost of this class is $99 per participant.

Basic Post Production Workflow

Join us for a day to learn about the Adobe Lightoom Classic workflow. Adobe Lightroom has become the most popular software for cataloging and editing photos. While relatively intuitive, it is still fairly complex. This introductory course will guide students through the basic principles and operations of the program. This is a basic overview course on essential components of the program including importing, organizing, searching, developing, Geo-location tagging, and exporting your photographs for web or print. The instructor will walk you through the process from start to finish.

$80 per participant

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Printing Preparations

We have fielded a lot of questions since the opening of our printing studio. In this short class, students will learn how to appropriately prepare their own images for our printing studio. We will cover topics ranging from Color Spaces, file types, and resolution. This must-have course is free and open to the public.

Introduction to Photography Workshop

Currently Paused as we develop this course. The intent of this workshop is to introduce, in an academic setting, the basic principles of photography as an art form. The course is designed for the amateur photographer who is already knowledgeable in the standard camera’s functions and capabilities. The course is not intended to be an instructional class in camera operation. This workshop is intended to introduce the student to a set of artistic concepts in an effort to help the student combine those concepts with his or her pre-existing technical skills set. To get the most out of this workshop we recommend the student use a DSLR camera. However, any digital camera with which one can independently operate shutter speed and aperture will suffice.

This course is a 2-day intensive workshop. Students will learn basic methods of composition.  Students will be given time to take a number of photographs and then participate in peer review  sessions focusing on composition.  In an effort to focus on composition, images will be take in classical black and white.

Registration is required.

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To register call our Gallery at 231 881 9303 or register online at by clicking this link.

Let us know and we will get back to you soon. To register call or visit our gallery in downtown Petoskey.