B.F.A. Photography
College of Creative Studies
Detroit, Mi


Artist’s Statement

My skills embrace the challenges of both fine art photography and commercial photography; and though I prefer to work with the human body as my principle subject matter, I also work in the worlds of landscape, the natural world, and still life composition. All human bodies are composed of a similar set of elements – hair, skin, bone structure and the rest.  I love the challenge of discovering what is unique about each of us and strive to capture that unique quality in the portraits I create in celebration of the individual.  I do not rely upon digital enhancement to manipulate the observer. I prefer to capture the human form in an environment that is honest, dignified, and appropriate to the personalities of my subjects.My compositions are clean, with a hint of spontaneity.  I am comfortable shooting in the studio or on location.  I believe it is important to find the environment that best suits the subject and his or her personal tastes.  I do not over-edit or retouch my images.  I love to find what binds the environment and the subject together in one complete composition.The arts have always been an important part of my life experiences.  I fell in love with photography in high school when I took my first class in traditional black and white photography. I knew immediately that the art form was going to be an important part of my life.  I applied for and received my first scholarship to attend The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.  Today, as a professional photographer, I continue to learn and develop new skills with every image I create.