This workshop will also cover some of the information presented in Printing Preparations


Participants will learn how to import and manipulate images with raw image editors. Additionally they will learn about key-wording, Geo-taging, and meta data input. Participants will learn the basic skills to go from importing raw files to exporting print and web ready images using the Adobe Light-room workflow. These skills can also be used for Bridge and Advanced Camera Raw (ACR).

Participants will learn a basic understanding of the following:

  • Light Room
    • Basic concepts
    • LR Catalog
  • Light Room workflow:
    • Photo import with global keyword and meta data settings
    • Library Module:
      • Importing files from camera / disk
      • Library navigation
      • Moving files within Light Room
        • Files on disk
        • Collections
        • Smart Collections
      • Locating missing files
      • Library view and individual photo keyword, meta data, and Geo-tag.
      • Keyword and meta data searching
      • Culling, rating, and filtering
      • Exporting photos for print, web, etc
      • HDR merge
      • Panoramic merge
    • Develop Module:
      • White balance selection
      • Basic exposure and saturation
      • Monochrome
      • Mode settings
      • Lens corrections
      • Geometric corrections
      • Heal, Clone, masking features
      • Color toning
    • Print Module:
      • Setting up post-script printing
    • Map Module:
      • Overview of map module
    • File export settings:
      • Identify differences between Tif, JPG, and DNG
      • How to size exported files
      • Correct color space choices based on desired outcomes
      • Create presets
      • Watermarks

Participant Requirements:

  • It is recommended that participants bring their laptop to the workshop to follow along and to practice the physical interaction with the software. This will also allow them to create convenient quick sets. Power may be available.
  • Participants should have a basic knowledge and experience of the software being discussed.
  • Participants should have a basic understanding of how to get photos off of their cameras.

Cost: $80 per participant due before the start of the workshop.

Register online or by calling The Gallery at 231 881 9303.