Fishing in Marathon


“Fishing in Marathon” by Joe Clark

Captured in Marathon, Fl on July 2nd 2023.

A popular past-time in Flordia is fishing, and many of the locals will flock to the abandoned bridges and their walkways to cast a line into the water. This fishing spot on the Gulf of Mexico side of Marathon was densely populated with Spanish speaking fishermen. A woman nearby was tending the line and attempting to communicate with my about how they will “change the water” in reference to the change in the tides. She was hopeful that the changing the water would bring more fish. These lower laying access roads and walkways are at risk of being flooded with the forecasted sea level rise and the fishermen will have to find new locations. The famous Seven Mile Bridge can be seen in the background stretching off into the distance.

"Fishing in Marathon" fishermen enjoy the cooler air and sunset in Marathon Flordia.

“Fishing in Marathon” Lost Lands Series by Joe Clark, American landscape photographer

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