Man ‘O War


“Man ‘O War” by Joe Clark

Captured at Bahia Honda State Park, Flordia on 3/23/2022

Nikon D850 1/125 second f./5.6 ISO 1000

The Man ‘O War is a stinging ocean creature commonly confused with a jellyfish. The interesting thing about the Man ‘O War is that they are a Siphonophorae and highly specialized to exist at the ocean’s surface. They are a colonial organism composed of specialized individual cells. The gas filled bladder at the top of the colony is a sail which pushes them around. Half of the colonies develop a right sail, and the other half a left sail. The difference in the sails is to prevent the entire population of a group from washing up onto shore. These creatures live until they eventually wash up on shore.

Man O War by Joe Clark American landscape Photographer

Man O War by Joe Clark American landscape Photographer

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