Photographer Joe Clark lantern roject

Lantern, Joe Clark.

Lantern is an artistic exploration of confidence.


An unfavorable statistic is that a young woman will lose her confidence in the early teenage years, then will regain it later in life in her thirties. This complicates the transition to an adult, and can hold her back in seeking and obtaining higher education. The concept of lantern is based on the regaining of confidence and utilizing it to move forward in life.


Lantern will explore the concept of confidence, security, and boldness using the dual symbolism of an oil lantern. The subject will hide from the darkness, and within the security of the lantern’s light. The series will demonstrate her transition to a more curious and confident character; as she starts to utilize the lantern as a means to navigate through the darkness, as if pursuing her dreams.


Lantern will be based outdoors in the woodlands and waterways of Northern Michigan. The timing for this project is Summer and Fall of 2015.


Lantern will be comprised of a series of 9 to 15 prints. These will be printed in limited quantities, and numbered 0 – X. The full size series will be limited to a run of less than 21, and paper prints to less than 101 copies. Digital high resolution copies will not be available.


Models, make up artists, and others involved will be compensated with the option to purchases at production cost, prints of the completed project. They will also be compensated with low resolution digital images, which will be usable for social media and promotion.

If you are interested in joining Lantern please fill out the contact form below.