Yesterday, I decided that I needed to get out away from the computer and business work to explore the area. There are a couple of nature preserves in close proximity, so I chose the more interesting sounding of the two. The Little Traverse Conservancy maintains a number of nature preserves in Northern Michigan, Bubbling Springs is one. Located off of Intertown Road south of Petoskey, this small preserve features 15 acres of land,  roadside access, and somewhere in the realm of a mile to hike. _GLP4689This is a great place to take the little ones and dog for a quick after-school romp in the woods. In the summertime there is a parking area, but it is not plowed in the winter which means cautious roadside parking. There are natural bubbling springs located within the preserve, I have a video below. The emerging ground water is sufficient to maintain open, flowing water through the winding creeks.

As I walked into the preserve I was stuck by the sharp contrast of the shadows on the snow. Very simple, but aesthetic non the less. _GLP4684The sky was clear and there is a field to the west of the preserve. The tail leading from the parking lot runs along the western edge of area, where the sunlight can directly hit the trees for sharp shadows. It is easy to imagine an owl sitting atop a tree on the parameter where he would have fresh water on one side and a field of mice and other small mammals on the other. One tree in particular was hollowed out by wood peckers and could provide shelter to a smaller of the species. Assuming that owls take up such residences.

Walking back in, I came to the realization that snow shoes would have been the preferred choice of footwear. Unfortunately my set are still downstate and I should be retrieving them within the week. Once I have them, more areas will become accessible. Towards the back of the area were the springs, the water looked fresh and clear as it bubbled up out of the sand. The location was serene, one section of creek still had green leafed water-plants flourishing.

As promised, I have placed a video below. Lacking proper stabilization equipment on this venture I apologize for the hand holding unsteadiness. However, at Glass Lakes video is still a product in development.

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