It is getting a little lonely out there if you are a bee. We have been hearing about the die off in the news, and on social media. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a honey bee? We call this die off “colony collapse disorder”, and it is much worse than it sounds. There are many thoughts and hypothesis as to why this is happening ranging from cellular radios, to the newer best supported idea of a particular pesticide. More information can be found here on Wikipedia. If you are not a fan of the Wiki then use it as a steeping off point to a higher level of information in their sources section. The biggest issue with a bee die off outside of the loss of honey, is that these little guys have been a driving workforce in the necessary sexy parts of our food production. So read, learn, and as a community driven by a hunger for honey and vegetative foods let’s solve this problem to keep out buzzing buddies around for a while!


The Lonely Bee by Joe Clark

The Lonely Bee