I have been off exploring my new habitat of Petoskey. There is seemingly a lot going on, while at the same time the small town doldrums are present. It is hard to explain, but the best comparison would be to a tourist town in the off-season; but with no off seasons attractions. Howard Street by Joe ClarkThe adjustment from Traverse City will take some time, I have grown used to the hustle and bussel of the shining star of the north provides. I see Petoskey having similar potential especially in the downtown districts, which in my opinion are far superior to that of Traverse City. City Park 1 by Joe ClarkThe layout would allow for more businesses to receive higher traffic volumes and the tourists would find it easier to venture outside of one street. From my experience the foot traffic drops off significantly once you leave Front Street, or even just leaving Front Street between Cass and Union. Which leaves only a very small congested foot traffic area. But anyways, I spent the day yesterday wandering around downtown Petoskey, bundled up as much as possible to brave the cold wind. Alley Way by Joe Clark

My main reason for venturing forth was to enjoy the sun and to see this world in its light. For the duration of our stay so far the sky has only been overcast, and I have been stuck in the new house fixing one thing after the other; such as perfecting the positioning of calcium chloride filled pantyhose on the ice dam over the kitchen. But with the sun poking out, I took to the streets to explore.

City Park 2 by Joe Clark




Previously unbeknownst to myself, is that this town was an old haunt of Ernest Hemingway. There are placards affixed to numerous buildings downtown denoting the history, and their influence on the man and his writings.  There are also maps, and grand stories of where he went and the activities of which he partook in. Businesses capitalize on this history and undoubtedly draw tourist traffic from these sources. Being that these points are scattered around downtown, it would encourage foot traffic to explore more as I mentioned earlier.


Crooked Tree Arts Center by Joe ClarkI have made contact with the local art centre, in the hopes of being able to share my knowledge of photography, in the manner of which I was hoping to be able to do in the Traverse City region. A group of creative types were hoping to occupy a studio setting to host speakers and learning artists alike. To develop a place where materials would be made available for those who could not afford them on their own to come and practice their skills. However steering our group was as effective as herding wayward cats, despite my efforts to direct them. However luckily the ground work has already been established here at the Crooked Tree Arts Center, where with any luck I can do my part to assist in the education on the camera, and photographic technique; whilst they herd whatever cats which require such.


I will keep you all updated on this as development continues. Until then I will be doing my best to start writing again in the educational series, and to capture content on this stunning area. The sun has re-emerged, and although I have been slightly under the weather since last night I may venture forth again today. Also as a side note, I am attempting to crowedsource funding to continue my works, please visit the galleries to make a purchases or my account on GoFundMe to assist. Thank you.


Until next time, get out there and keep shooting!