Today during a sales meeting with a portrait client, one of my metal art prints fell from the wall and stuck its bottom corner pretty hard on the floor. I was re-hanging on a newer hook which I had not modified for metal prints, which is a simple process of just bending the hanging part out a little further. There is not damage to the print surface, but the corner had bent over quite a bit. Now, since these pieces are made so that the print dye is infused directly into the aluminum there was none of the problems with creasing which stems from two overlapping materials. After the clients left, I simply placed a towel under the print, placed it on a flat surface, and pressed it back into position with the heel of my palms.

The print looks like I just took it from the box.

This is why I recommend metal prints to my clients. Aside from looking amazing, these buggers are tough!

metal prints are awesome

Per the manufacturer, metal prints are waterproof, weatherproof, and if lightly scratched can be buffed out with standard automotive wax; their only caution is when it comes to long constant exposure to direct sunlight.