Last night was an incredible night, Kayla and I were headed home from a friend’s wedding reception in Alpena when I noticed the northern lights were shining brightly. I pulled off M-32 just east of the 131 intersection and took a couple of photos, which were the brightest and I will be sharing them tomorrow. It was the lights over a field, but I needed something with a little more subject in it. I headed for Walloon, where I knew that the lake or the downtown area would provide some sort of interesting shot.

Northern lights over Walloon Lake michigan Petoskey photographer Joe Clark

This image was taken looking north from the dam area on the south end of the little park. The image was shot on a tripod with my Nikon D800 with a Sigma 12-24mm @12, 30 seconds, f/4.5, 1250 ISO. There was radiation fog coming from the lake due to the cold air, which provided some haziness down near the water. This seemed to only amplify the mood of the image.

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