Updates and ramblings on project ideas.

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I am fielding ideas on what to do this summer for photographic projects. While intending to remain in the Petoskey area, travel is not too far out of the question. I have been searching for modeling subjects to implant into these ideas and projects, so if you know anyone please have them contact me; my information is under the about menu above. I am also trying to come up with ideas which could restore the concept of fine art into my local photographic sphere.

A sad truth; there are numerous art institutions and galleries which do not regard the photographic medium as a fine art. Galleries discriminate against it, and frequently preclude it from their walls due to the over abundance of images. I believe this stems from the obvious degradation of the art in the eye of the public, caused by the lack of discipline and control by those claiming to be photographers. In one conversation with a gallery near Traverse City, Michigan; I was asked if I could paint over my images, because then it would no longer be a photograph but a painting-hybrid. This absurdity was from their policy of not accepting photographs.

For this reason I will be producing a few thought provoking fine art projects this year. To invoke and hopefully rejuvenate the art-form. These will be series of photographs, and printed and numbered in limited quantity only. I will likely be crowdfunding in general to get these projects off the ground. If you would like to support my work you can donate here.

So, if there is a concept you think may be a good idea, let me know. I will be updating you all soon.