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Lost Lands Series

Sunset behind Seven Mile Bridge in Marathon Fl

“Lost Lands” photographic series is a study in the lands, places, and cultures threatened by the forecasted rise in sea levels over the next 100 years. The information that this photographic series is based on is located here. This rise in sea levels will cause many lands to be reclaimed by the ocean, and will displace many people over its occurrence. Per US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the current forecasts call for a sea level rise of about 2 feet by 2100 and up to as much as 7 feet by that time if emissions are not reduced. Please use the embedded viewer below (sea level rise viewer by NOAA, we take no credit for it or the reliability of the data), or click this link, to visualize how sea level rise will affect various portions of The United States. Many of the barrier islands, along the eastern coast and Flordia will become flooded and inland areas will become more prone to storm surge flooding. The Flordia Keys will nearly disappear as their elevation above sea level averages around 3 feet.

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