Having lived in Michigan for most of my life, I have become familiar with the confusion surrounding the coming of Spring. It is something we never seem to get used to, and I cannot imagine that the plants are any less confused by this either.

Snow in the grass spring Joe Clark Photographer

Grass protrudes from a fresh blanked of Spring snow.
Nikon D-800 with 150mm Macro, 1/200th sec @f/6.3 ISO 400

This past week the grass had finally turned green and started to grow. I was even considering summerizing the snow blower. But the old gods of winter must strike fear into our fable mortal hearts one last time.

purple flowers in spring snow joe clark photographer

The first flowers of the growing season were not even spared.
Nikon D-800 with 150mm Macro, 1/200th sec @f/6.3 ISO. 640

If the deer haven’t eaten you yet, it is looking like a slow death by snow and hypothermia.

Spring snow on seed pod Joe Clark Photographer

Only the dried and departed fail to take notice.
Nikon D-800 with 150mm Macro, 1/320th sec @ f/6.3 ISO 1600

No matter the season, Michigan reminds us all that it holds a firm grasp over dominion of our lives.


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