My local camera pro-shop sometimes receives some strange requests, most of them probably come from me. This usually occurs before one shoot or another. The latest one I will share with you.

I called in the other week, and talked to M about a particular need that I had. On this particular day I was in need of a water proof housing for an old camera. Not only did I have water protection concerns, but I also needed it to be fire-resistant. M was a little perplexed but as I described my latest assignment would occur inside and around a burning house she started to understand the necessity. As usual with my calls it was a “I will have to look into it and call you back” situation. As I figured, the prices of such housings started in the range of expensive and increased exponentially from there. So I decided to make due with some plastic wrap and rubber bands.

While commencing the shoot, my gear did take an indirect hit from a fire suppression stream while inside. Luckily when I buy equipment one of the first specifications I look for is weather sealing. So far it has been a week and there have been no ill effects. I would consider this to be an example of action-photography, an absolute necessity when attempting to stave of the boredom of the world.

* I would like to note that I have specific training and experience working in an interior fire environment, and that properly rated clothing and respiratory equipment was used during this shoot. For anyone who lacks the equipment, training, and experience then make sure you are a ways back using a long lens. When working near any fire very unpredictable things can occur such as explosion, collapse, or simultaneous of everything in the space (including you). So stay back, and the cliche; don’t try this at home, or anybody else’s!

What are your examples of action-photography? Any good stories on some riskier shots? There has to be a few out there that have climbed, dangled, swam, sunk, or were skunked to get that good shot! Comment below!

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