There are always times to take a backwards look at a body of work, for further evaluation. There are always images which should be brought into a portfolio, or a gallery; and some which must be removed to better the body as a whole.  After we shoot we take a hurried look through our results, rank them accordingly, and work on what our subjective view says at that exact moment. Later in life, our thoughts change, our perspective changes, things are now different. We learn, always learn, so it is a benefit to take a look back. Today I went through a Lightroom smart collection, which pools all images with a “scenery” keyword in their metadata. There are shots which I have not previously published, which may warrant further review. Here is one which is up for consideration of gallery publication. What are your thoughts?

Camden Maine looking south east

This image was shot from a preserve in Camden, Maine. There were some very interesting clouds present that day, as you can tell.