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Northern Lights and a long drive home…

Northern Lights gaylord photographer Joe Clark

Yesterday I posted one of my shots from early Sunday morning, today in this post I will be sharing the other two. As I mentioned I was driving home from a wedding reception in Alpena, on M-32 almost to 131. I looked to the north, where as luck would have it there was a vacant […]

The importance of post processing.

Sun sets behind the Ludington Lighthouse. By Joe Clark

Listen up, this is important. I apologize in advance if this turns into a ranting article of old. The plan is to stress the importance of post processing photographs as a vital part of the complete process of producing the image. The reason being that an image straight out of the camera is never really […]

A larger view…

We have seen a lot of small stories over the past few days from the Halloween storm that rolled through Michigan. Many images were so focused upon the smaller stories of the day, I myself even posted a fairly intense shot of the Ludington lighthouse getting washed over (click). However, as photographers we sometimes get lost in the events of the day and focus too heavily on the small things. This is easy to do especially when carrying a long telephoto zoom lens which makes isolating out a fraction of the scene seem necessary. For those of you out there who are looking to expand your photographic talents; try hooking on a prime lens, a 50mm if you have one. Work with this lens for a week straight, using position and angle to adjust your composition. This will produce sharper images and hone your skills, read up a little on prime lenses here in the educational series. Pictured below is another shot of the Ludington lighthouse, shot at a 100mm instead of 400mm there is much more of a story and drama to this image than the previous. What are your thoughts?

Waves strike and clouds loom over the Ludington Lighthouse by Joe Clark

Interesting points on Prime Lenses

My old 50mm 1.4 by Joe Clark

I found this article while adding some equipment to LensTag (a theft recovery site for photographers about the use of prime lenses and the advantages over the popular zooms. I do my best work when I am using primes and it the article seems to echo my own thoughts, however in a way which […]

Contemperary issues facing Photographers

This is a lovely article from Light Stalking about the issues that many photographers face in the modern age. If you are a photographer you will have seen these out there. If you are not one, they it is a bit of insight to our little world.!  

The deception of the light meter…

The Backstabber… The light meter, a cunning tool and friend that can lead you to great things. But when you rely on it the most, it will turn and stab you in the back. Much like the scorpion and frog, it’s just the nature of the beast. This nature once it’s understood can be harnessed […]

Compositional thoughts

It shall be stated… That in today’s world a major defining difference between professional and amateur photographers is framing and composition. This however has been true throughout the ages. But with the advent of technological abominations that suck the skill and thought process right out of the art it is one of the few remaining […]

Perspectives on perspective.

Perspective… Perspective is an important part of composition. But having a through understanding of different possibilities of perspective is important. For this discussion we should stick to some basic mechanics. There are two… When it comes to perception in relation to photography there are two factors, perspective and magnification. Perspective is the location and angle […]

A walk out to Sleeping Bear

The other day I went for a walk… I decided to take a bit of a hike last week, or possibly the week before. It seems hard to determine time these days. But such temporal differences is irrelevant for those who tend to drift and Timelords. But I digress. The important part is that a […]

Aperture, apparently it matters

Ohh, the humanity! This will be the first entry into the Glass Lakes educational series. This section will cover the basics of aperture and why it is important. Hopefully the ranting will be kept into check and this section kept on track. I will try to start with the basics and then launch into the […]

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