FYI It’s snowing

It’s nasty outside, excellent…

If you have not been outside today, you’re not missing too much. Except some interesting photographic opportunities. It has been said before that the best opportunities come in the worst of weather. So, you may want to grab your gear and some really warm clothing and head out for a while. Here is a little bit of what life in Ludington is looking like today.

I may have gotten frostnip wondering over to see how the badger was fairing…

S.S. Badger sits covered in snow in Ludington harbor by Joe Clark

Then I found this poor woman who seemed to have been standing here for a very long time…

Frozen Woman by Joe Clark


Then there was this couple, seemingly holding onto one another until every bit of heat was taken from them.

Frozen couple by Joe Clark


So it would seem that with these poor people frozen in place, that winter has finally returned to Michigan. But hey, at lease we are not in Buffalo.

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