A story of light lost…


There I was, awake at 5 in the morning for no apparent reason. Well I may know the reason and it involves a bed which is way too small occupied by way too many bodies. One of which is a hundred pound lab mix who insists on sleeping in the crook of my knee, sideways. I was up for the day, and I knew it. This was Saturday the 21st of June and the first day of Summer. The Ludington Gus Macker was opening up and I knew that getting anywhere in the little town was going to be a goat rodeo. The lake was beautiful and seemed to be endless, due to the clouds and calmness of the water there was no definable horizon. I roused my significant other from her sleep and baited her out to the porch to see this early morning view, and insisted that she prepare for a morning of aimless wandering for photographs. In mid sentence I saw the lighthouse light up like a match from the rising sun, and off I went leaving her mystified. I jumped into the car and as quickly as possible made it to the Loomis Street boat launch. I set up a tripod and threw on the 150mm lens. I snapped this shot off just as the last of the light was fading from the lighthouse.

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Ludington Lighthouse on the first day of Summer by Joe Clark www.glasslakesphotography.com