If you are looking to learn a little about performance arts, and the Traverse City area is within reach you will be amazed by this.

Maggie and Jimmy at Third Space Movement are experienced performance artists specializing in circus arts and yoga. Below, Matt is attempting to transfer a cane from his toe to his nose and then somehow stand with it remaining there. I happened to be laying on the ground shooting these images with a 50mm lens, so I was fairly close. More than once I had to rapidly escape the path of a falling cane. To find out if he was successful click for the next image! Matt can be found preforming downtown near the tunnel most afternoons.

Third Space Movement offers many classes I recommend checking out their site (above) for a current listing. They also perform at the Lelu Cafe in Northport on a regular basis and that show is well worth the trip. Their studio is located on Garfield south of the light at South Airport Rd. Look for the small blue sign on the east side of the road, it will be near McLain Cycles.